Offensive HOF Player Comparisons

When compared to the average hitting hall of fame player, Evans averages higher in Runs, Hits, Doubles, HR, RBI, Base on balls, Slugging and OPS.

Avg HOF                Runs      Hits        2B          HR           RBI         BB           SLG        OPS
Hitter                       1275      2313      395         202         1168         858         .459         .834

Dwight Evans        1470      2446      483         385          1384        1391        .470         .840


Dwight EvansMLB.272.370.4708402606899614702446483733851384785913911697

Al KalineMLB.297.376.480856283410116162230074987539915831376512771020

Eddie MathewsMLB.271.376.5098852391853715092315354725121453683914441487

Tony PerezMLB.279.341.463804277797781272273250579379165249339251867

Billy WilliamsMLB.290.361.4928532488935014102711434884261475904910451046


Orlando CepedaMLB.297.350.4998492124792711312351417273791365142805881169

Andre DawsonMLB.279.323.48280526279927137327745039843815913141095891509

Reggie JacksonMLB.262.356.490846282098641551258446349563170222811513752597

Jim RiceMLB.298.352.502854208982251249245237379382145158346701423

Dave WinfieldMLB.283.353.475828297311003166931105408846518332239612161686

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All Player selected in comparison to Evans are in Major League Baseballs Hall of Fame
Player comparisons/similarities: Mathews, Kaline, Perez, Rice and Williams selected from 
Similarity Scores by Bill James.
Cepeda, Jackson, Dawson and Winfield chosen by player Era, position and similarites.

The Avgerage Hitting Hall of Fame Offensive Batting Statistics taken from 
Hall of Fame Offensive Player Comparison Statistics taken from

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