HOF - Right Fielders

Name                          Team                                      Year Inducted

Youngs, Ross             New York Giants                  1972
Waner, Paul                Pittsburgh Pirates                1952
Winfield, Dave            NY Yankees                           2001
Thompson, Sam         Philadelphia Phillies            1974
Slaugher, Enos           St. Louis Cardinals              1985
Rice, Sam                    Washington Senators          1963
Robinson, Frank         Cincinnati Reds                    1982
Ruth, Babe                  New York Yankees                1936
Ott, Mel                        New York Giants                   1951
McCarthy, Tommy       Boston Beaneaters              1946
Keeler, Willie               New York Highlanders         1939
Kelly, King                  Chicago White Stockings     1945
Klein, Chuck               Philadelphia Phillies             1980
Kaline, Al                    Detroit Tigers                         1980
Jackson, Reggie        Oakland Athletics                  1993
Hooper, Harry            Boston Red Sox                     1971
Heilmann, Harry        Detroit Tigers                          1952
Flick, Elmer               Cleveland Indians                   1963
Dawson, Andre         Montreal Expos                       2010
Crawford, Sam          Detroit Tigers                          1957
Clemente, Roberto    Pittsburgh Pirates                  1973
Cuyler, Kiki                Chicago Cubs                         1968
Aaron, Hank              Milwaukee Braves                   1982

Note: Information taken from baseballhall.org

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1 comment:

  1. Just did a small comparison of these 22 RF HOFers and Dewey. I am not a big stats guy, but and learning. I used BA, H, OPS+, RBI, and Fielding%.

    BA Average of all 22 was 0.311.
    Evans batted 0.272. This is LOW.

    H Average was 2621.
    Evans had 2446. This compares well.

    OPS+ Average was 137.
    Evans was 127. LOW.

    RBI Average was 1342.
    Evans had 1384. Compares well.

    F% Average was 0.959.
    Evans was 0.987. Compares well.

    I look forward to digging deeper to show what I know to be true.

    Dewey belongs in the Hall of Fame when comparing to those already in.