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Hello and welcome to "Call to the Hall", a blog specifically designed to promote the awareness of Dwight Evans' Major League accomplishments and Hall of Fame Credentials.

My name is Patrick, I am the creating founder of this site. I currently write a monthly segment on the Hall of Fame for MLB Reports and I'm a contributing writer for XN Sports and a former writer for the Bleacher Report.

I grew up admiring Red Sox greats Carlton Fisk, Fred Lynn, Dwight Evans, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice, Luis Tiant, Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez.

Read how and why I became involved in the case for Dwight Evans at: Boston Sports Then and Now. Please click <here> to view my NESN interview with Tom Caron and Nick Carfardo on the Evans case.

Credentials include: 

Other: Advisory Board Member for Pitching in for Kids

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